Typical Recruiting Fuckery

I recently had a client come to me looking for a consultant to deal with reporting from their ERP system, specifically supply chain information.  They wanted someone who was expert at Excel, and who could pull and analyze data, get it into presentable report, for which they already had templates, and get it out to the required stake holders.  I found them that plus more in less than 24 hours.  What I found was a guy who had done all of the above, and had enough development experience to automate the process for them, and who was willing to take the position because it’s literally down the road for him.  He’d be cutting his commute time and costs by a ridiculous amount, so even though he’s getting nominally less, he’d be netting more in salary.

The client doesn’t want to interview him because he’s consulted too much.

This is the typical bullshit we recruiters run into.  Clients want a consultant who has a ‘stable’ background, or in other words a consultant who has never consulted before.  They want a person who can “grow into” a position so they don’t have to pay as much, but aren’t willing to tolerate growing pains.  They’ll ask for someone who can do A, B, and C, and then reject them because they have done A, B, and C in their past.

The point of this blog will, unfortunately, be to communicate often to candidates and hiring managers, and all other readers, how ridiculously screwed up, random and arbitrary most hiring processes are.  This will help candidates understand the root of their frustrations, and hopefully spur hiring managers to clean up their acts.

And now I’m off to see if can I find a consultant who has never consulted, which will mean a recently laid off or fired person who was never a consultant, who the hiring manager will then reject because they’re not working and so can start immediately, which is what he wants, someone who can start immediately…

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