Another Example of Recruiting Fuckery

Here we are again, folks.  I will bash this horse over and over again until it is dead, and then I will fuck its corpse.

Once more a client wants a consultant.  However, anyone who has consulted for less than a year is unacceptable.  The project they are working on will require 4-6 months of consulting, but they are rejecting anyone who has ever done just that.

So we’ve sent people who were permanent but are now freelancing.  they are now rejecting them because they have the longevity they asked for, and now the client is suspicious because they don’t know why someone who was permanent before would want to freelance.  Also, anyone who has been interviewed and who has asked about potential for permanent work has been rejected for that reason alone.

So, if they’ve freelanced “too much,” they’re not good enough to freelance for this client.  And, if they’ve worked permanent and are willing to freelance right now, they’re not good enough to freelance for this client.  And, if they actually want to work full time for this client, but are willing to work contract and understand there’s no guarantee of permanent work, they’re not good enough to work for this client.

This is not unusual behavior on the part of companies, it’s typical, and indicative of a severely dysfunctional hiring process and flat out incompetence.  But, my agency wants to get “in” with this client and so we will continue to bash our heads against the wall looking for a barking cat for a client who will likely never hire and so never pay us, putting no money in my pocket or my company’s pocket.

This is generally what happens when ‘sales’ stops being needs fulfillment and consulting, and becomes Get The Business At Any And All costs.  What it comes down to is the customer is not always right.  If they want you to work for free, are they right?  That’s an extreme examples to show that a business relationship of any kind has to be a two way street.  Companies that can’t see that having completely contradictory hiring standards is a problem are not worth working with.  You just keep finding good people and throwing them into a meat grinder, and this hurts your reputation and credibility with the candidates.  They are customers too.

All too often agencies forget that.

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