Communication Etiquette

It’s important when looking for a job to use the proper communication etiquette.  Here’s some advice for applicants to make communications work better.

If a recruiter contacted you, use the same method to contact you to get back to them.  If you got a phone call, call back.  If you got an email, email back.  Do not email back, and then call 5o times in an hour, and flip out if you do not get an answer.  Here’s the deal: you are one of hundreds, potentially thousands of people they are reaching out to.  If you take this as an insult, you’re just a fucking idiot.  The return on initial outreach like that of people who are actually interested and qualified is usually ridiculously low.  Generally speaking lots of people will be contacted, few will respond, fewer still will be qualified, fewer still will be interested.  It’s not meant as an insult, it’s just the reality of what’s necessary.  So, calm the fuck down.

Know the method they contacted you by, and if it was email and you for some reason decide to call, do not say, “Yeah, you emailed me,” as if they just shot the email out and then sat there, eagerly awaiting your call, and no one else’s.  They emailed you and God knows how many other people with the same keywords in their resumes.  Then, they moved on to one of the other 100 resumes and/or positions that needed their attention.  Once more, it’s not personal, it’s just what is necessary to get a response going quickly.  What’s worse, never call in response to an email and say, “Yeah, you called me…”  I get this all the time, and I know what phone calls I’ve made, and if you’re not one of them I’ll automatically assume you’re lying or an idiot.

There will be some recruiters who will claim they have a list of only five people, and only call them, and they get those candidates by God, and they know everything about each one of them, and will stand by them all the way through the hiring process until they’re all hired!  Even if there’s only one job available.  This is horseshit.  Maybe one out of every thousand recruiters does this, these people are usually industry specific with lots of contacts and a great network to pull from for similar jobs that they spend their entire lives working on.  This is not how the majority of recruiting is done in this world.  And yes, it’s impersonal but as mentioned, it’s necessary.

So, respond in kind, keep it simple, and remember this person isn’t looking to marry and fuck you for life, they just have a job that needs filling and at a glance it looked like you, and several hundred other people, could do it.  So relax on the initial contact, don’t call 50 times in a day, do not look like a psycho if you can avoid it.

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