Yet Another Example of Incompetence…

So we have a client who came close to a hire, but since they put the date of hire off for two months for some reason, the person found something else to do.  They got a bunch of resumes, went through a bunch of interviews, and decided on that guy, and he left.  Now they’ve got another guy they want to hire… but they’re not going to.  My manager just asked me to find this moron manager someone else because, “He wants a comparison first.”  Oh, and he “totally understands” where this manager is coming from, because apparently the previous five people he interviewed no longer exist and count as viable ‘comparisons.’

This is the kind of shit that gets recruiters a bad name.  First off, this company has a shit reputation as an employer.  What’s more, from all indications their turnover is high.  Further still, the ‘process’ they have demands interviewees report directly to security upon reaching the site and giving the name of the person they’re to meet with, but under no circumstances are they to say they’re there for a job interview.  Why?  Because, according to the manager, “Rumors spread real fast,” there.

You couldn’t raise more red flags that this is NOT a company you want as a client, and that this place is pure poison to work at.  And yet, like a good Sales! person, my manager is going after this hire, no matter how much pointless time and money it wastes, no matter how many people’s lives get fucked so this moron incompetent manager can have his ‘comparison,’ it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is the fee.  And of course my choice is work on this or basically find another job.

I swear I have to get out of this shitfuck industry or find the one in a trillion company that actually has some common sense and ethics so I don’t have this kind of shit landing on my desk ever other minute.


  1. You are one of the few that “get it” in the HR/recruiting field.

    I’ve dealt with firms who have tried to go around recruiters who’ve called me about particular jobs. Hiring managers will say that they “found ” my CV.

    At the HR end it is even worse.
    I’ve been put off by HR incompetence at so many places, including some of the biggest name firms that you’d think would want to give the ‘Cadillac’ candidate experience, but they don’t…

    Most recently, I came out of a meeting with a serious of technical people at a firm where I know a few people. Within days, I had three or four people (including a senior VP) follow up with me to formally apply for one of the positions discussed.

    You would think I am optimistic about this, but I have so much HR PTSD that I know that HR will lose my online application in the ATS, put me through 1-2 HR screens, 3-5 interviews, and no one will be hired.

    I tend to go in the path of least resistance/fewest headaches, and that will likely be just taking a contract extension with a current client.. Even if it results in a lower income for the rest of the year.

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