Month: October 2015

H1 B Article

This article is worth a read here.  The author is right, and wrong.  I’d say, in a free economy, come who may and work or not.  The problem is we don’t live in a free economy, we live in a highly managed one.  Managed mostly to the benefit of employers, who then turn around and demand workers at wages even lower than they’ve managed to push them already.  If you’re running a company and the only way you can get someone to take a job is via a form of indentured servitude, and to catch them fleeing from having to live next to a leper colony, you’re doing something horrifically wrong.

And even though I’m a libertarian bordering on anarcho-capitalist, held back only by the fact that I think it’s a nice ideal but will never happen, I have to say if you don’t understand why H1Bs piss people off, you’re just burying your head in the sand.  As if these crony capitalist corporate leeches don’t get enough handouts, bailouts, subsidies, and favors, then they get to bitch about nonexistent talent shortages and import borderline slaves to work for, well, slave wages?  It won’t be long before this kind of behavior among the corporate elite gets them a crowd with torches and pitchforks at their door.