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  1. I really enjoy your blog. After 6-7 months of getting treated like a pile of dung by HR departments, I gave up on getting another regular FT job. I am now enjoying a scaled down, but economically passable existence as a self-employed consultant.

    I have seen the inefficiencies of hiring, and could not care less about the garbage stereotypes, psychobabble, biases, etc that HR departments believe. I will not put myself through six or seven panel interviews and 2 month hiring processes, only to find out that no one was hired. Hiring is not done in good faith if the organization is hiring based on indecision or magical thinking/purple squirrels (“Someday my prince will come…” ) rather than real talent pools.
    I refuse to take part in this charade.

    Hiring someone else would not hurt me one bit. Wasting my time does. I remember those companies that wasted my time and the time of other professionals, and I do not support these companies’ products, services, and activities anymore. The well has been poisoned.

    I entertain many conversations with professionals in my field about activities and get short and long term assignments from people I respect (and who respect me in return).

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